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Preventative Roof Maintenance Agreements

Monthly, Bi-monthly or Quarterly.

Magnum Systems’s Preventive Roof Maintenance Agreement is intended to provide owners of facilities an alternative to manufacturer’s roofing system warranties, which generally provide no protection against conditions, which usually result in leakage to the interior, and no provision for preventive maintenance of roofing assemblies. Manufacturer’s warranties issued by manufacturers become potentially effective only when the roof actively leaks; there is no provision for anticipation of leakage nor is there provision for corrective action to all roof assembly components affected by leakage. Once or twice a year (or more often if conditions dictate), an experienced roof auditor will walk the roof areas covered by the Roof Maintenance Agreement, conduct a visual audit and an informal non-destructive survey of the roof(s) and provide a written report and pictures on existing roof conditions. All routine maintenance required will be noted for corrective action. If the roof membrane has been damaged by wind, lightning, other maintenance contractors, or facility maintenance personnel, a written proposal for the cost to repair such damage will be provided with the report. Following each audit, a Magnum System’s maintenance crew will be dispatched to the facility to perform routine maintenance to the roof (top-off pitch pans, clean drain strainers, repair minor damage to membrane flashings, re-secure existing loose accessory metal, etc.). If the Magnum Systems repair proposal (if applicable) has been accepted by a facility representative, the maintenance crew will complete repairs to the damaged roof areas during the time of maintenance work.

Protect your investment by allowing Magnum Systems to perform necessary maintenance on your roof on a regular basis.  Once or twice a year (or more, if conditions warrant), an experienced roof auditor will wall through the areas covered by the maintenance agreement and provide to the customer a written report with pictures, of existing roof conditions.  If there is any damage the maintenance agreement does not cover, Magnum Systems will issue an estimate of repairs for the owner to determine whether or not they want the repairs corrected.

A few of the items covered under the inspection are:

  • Inspect the entire roof area for damage that may have resulted from foreign objects or from human activity ie; HVAC unit maintenance.
  • Remove all debris that may have accumulated on the roof surface to ensure it does not restrict drainage or cause roof membrane damage.
  • Inspect and clean all roof drains, overflow drains, grates and scupper drains to ensure a free flow of rain water and snow melt.
  • Inspect all welds at membrane field seams, roof curbs and roof penetrations.  Verify no voids have developed at weld points.
  • Inspect all sheet metal flashings and counter flashings at copings, gutter collector boxes and downspouts to verify they are firmly attaches and sealed.
  • Inspect and verify roof access scuttle, ladder and locking mechanism are operational and all flashings are in place and secure.
  • Verify all HVAC unit access doors and covers are installed and secured.

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