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Installing Commercial Roofing since 1990

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What do we have?​

We have strong customer support.  We believe you should get what you pay for – we believe if we install a roof, that roof should not leak while it is under our warranty – and we believe that if that roof does leak, we will stand behind our products and our installation – as long as it takes – to leave our customers with a leak-free roof.

YOU HAVE–FACILITY VIEW:  Complete access, in REAL TIME on your smartphone, computer or notepad – to the maintenance management of your roof through our State-of-the-art Facility View access on this website.  The inspection report includes photos of the roof and any deficiencies, as well as our recommendations to correct them.
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Proven Excellence.  Unequaled Value.

PROVEN:  After more than 15 years and 100 million square feet installed, the unsurpassed in-use performance of fabric reinforced membrane made with DuPont’s ELVALOY® has produced a track record which is clearly superior to other roofing systems.  It is the most reliable, trouble-free and longest lasting roofing material, requiring the least maintenance, on the market today.

EXCELLENCE:  We understand the problems and frustrations that go along with owning a flat roof, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Magnum Systems can solve those problems and end those frustrations.  With the best physical properties of any membrane on the market, Magnum Systems provides better performance for your roofing dollars.

UNEQUALED:  No other roofing product can give you all of the benefits, advantages and the proven record of performance that Magnum Systems gives.  Compare and you will see that there simply is no equal to Magnum Systems in product, performance and value

VALUE:  For about the same cost as lesser roofing systems, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your building and its contents are protected by the very best roofing system available.

We Are:  Fully licensed in the State of Oklahoma, insured and bonded. 
​Native American owned. 

Chickasaw Proud.